My Faux Farmhouse Curtains

I have found a way to easily create great curtains for your living room and at such an amazing cost… you aren’t going to believe it.

So at the beginning of this year I was really wanting to change some things up in our house…aka go full on faux farmhouse! I say Faux farmhouse because for one we may live in the country but we don’t live on a farm. Secondly, well a lot of our home is very rustic so im working to sort of combine the two and make this home cozy and fresh. The first thing I wanted to change was the windows. I wanted a fresh and clean look and I was so over the rustic red that they have been for 4 years now.

So a couple of details you need to know is that I quickly realized that having to get curtain panels for 5 windows was not going to be cheap !! As a stay at home mom, I definitely didn’t have at least $200 in my budget for just new curtains.  I’ll tell you this much, my husband is very lucky that I like to be resourceful and don’t like spending a lot on decor like curtains anyways. Theres always another way. A sale, a DIY, resale shops, flea markets….something. I was determined to finally redecorate and create the style and cozy home I had been craving so I began my search. I needed to find a way to get 10 curtain panels, either white or maybe a burlap look and for a fraction of the cost.

IMG_2791 2.jpg

I found sales here and there. I hunted down clearance items at places like Target, Kohls, Wayfair and even Amazon. I mean Amazon
Prime is my life saver out here in the country. I found some good deals but nothing that was budget friendly enough and the right length. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I also needed to make sure that my curtain panels were going to be at least 108″ , but I honestly wanted them longer because I wanted them to touch the floor more.

So here is the OMG moment !! I figured out how to easily create legit curtain panels out of a $5 twin sheet at Wal-Mart . Yes girl, you totally read that right. Only $5 a panel!  I found a picture online saying someone had done this but of course there wasn’t a link or any directions. So I went for it. My mind went crazy, like I’ve got to try this but I don’t sew, then I’m like and if I have to cut them… well no I’m so not doing that. This girl here cannot cut a straight line in fabric ! But guess what, for $5 a panel and to potentially save me over a hundred dollars, yes I was totally gonna figure it out and make it happen. And y’all, I didn’t even ask my mama for help aka the women that knows how to sew and taught me all about crafting.


So go to your nearest Wal-Mart and buy these twin sheets in whatever color you need and how ever many panels you need.

All you need for this project:

When you open the sheet up just lay it out on a flat surface. You want to lay it down with the seam up, like pictured. You are then going to be cutting strips in the top part that would normally be at the head of your bed. You will notice that the fabric over laps right here. You are going to be making cuts but you also have to make sure that you aren’t cutting all the way through to the other side. You make your first cut at the very edge and make sure you make your last cut at the very edge on the opposite end.

Make sure the sheet is showing the seam side up, and make your first cut at the very edge

Now I did not measure out any amount of cuts, I just spaced them out about 4-5 inches and went to cutting. I figure you can move curtains apart,together and fluff out the top how you want it regardless of where the cut is.

My cuts are about 4 inches apart and they dont have to be perfect, that’s the best part!

Once you are done cutting you can then get your curtain rod and start weaving the rod in and out between the cuts until you get from one end to the other. Hang it up and you are done sister !!! I mean I did go back and steam out some wrinkles but if you are like the normal me you are probably thinking ehhh as it hangs there the wrinkles will come out, so its perfect like it is. Reference above… steamer optional.

Yall, this is just the beginning of my transformation and I will be looking for some before pics for y’all. I hope that you found this helpful and I hope many of you that have tall ceilings , like me, were shouting “thank goodness Hallelujah I can finally afford curtains that are long enough for my livingroom.”

So for now I just wanted to share some pics that inspired the white curtains and I cant wait to find some bamboo shades to go with them soon. The contrast between the dark shades, white curtains and our cream colored walls is going to be so perfect.


I look forward to sharing so much more with y’all ( yes Y’ALL, im from Texas by the way), getting to know you and my biggest goal is to be an inspiration to all my gal pals out there amidst all the chaos of motherhood and life. You can do anything you set your mind to.







2 thoughts on “My Faux Farmhouse Curtains

  1. They look good! I have used drop cloths as well, but they do have to be washed and dryed before using them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes that another option I liked a lot . I’m just not ready to repaint our walls yet so I went with the white to contrast more . I’ve seen some awesome living rooms with drop cloth curtains!


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